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We are an India based online B2B platform offering a quotation-driven buying support mechanism to the business buyers and their suppliers/manufacturers. Through our platform, we intend to streamline and fast-track the cumbersome, time-consuming and often stressful process faced by the India based business enterprises, both buyers and suppliers/manufacturers, while handling their quotation-based business transactions.


Our platform helps the business buyers to effortlessly obtain free & fast quotes from a broad selection of vetted and curated manufacturers in order to quickly and seamlessly fulfil their business based buying requirements at the most competitive prices.
The manufacturers are benefitted with a free and faster access to new customer enquiries, genuine buying requirements, improved capacity utilization and an increased number of business deals at the level of prices which are acceptable to them.

Does SMBPURCHASING.COM act on behalf of the Buyer? Or the Manufacturer?

No, we do not act either on behalf of the Buyer or the Manufacturer. We are a neutral party and our mission is to serve as an objective liaison between the buyers and manufacturers and to provide an online B2B platform that facilitates quotation-driven buying transactions between the business buyers and their chosen suppliers/manufacturers.

What is the lead generation fee payable by the manufacturers?

The lead generation fee is the amount which is charged from the Manufacturer, whose quotation is formally selected by the Buyer. After this fee amount is received by us, the Buyer contact details are shared with the Manufacturer. Please contact us for further details.

What factors should be kept in mind while posting your buying requirement?

While posting your buying requirement, it is advisable to keep the following important points in mind:
• Your buying requirement should pertain to your immediate or near-term business requirement. Please do not post for requirements about which you may not be sure OR which would only arise after SIX (06) months.
• Your buying requirement must be specific, accurate, clear and complete with all the necessary details. Furthermore, it should be only for the products/services listed on our website.
• To avoid causing any confusion among the suppliers/manufacturers, please do not post repeated buying requirements of the same type.
• While not encouraged, if any changes/updates are required to an existing buying requirement posted by you, please contact us and we will try to help you out.

When will I receive the quotations from the manufacturers?

It depends on the complexity of your buying requirement. While you can expect to receive quotations in One to Three working days for simpler buying requirements, it can take longer for requirements which are considered as complex by the manufacturers.

Is it necessary to make a purchase if I receive quotations through your website?

While not mandatory, we would request you to be mindful of the fact that manufacturers spend considerable time and effort to provide you with customized quotations which are tailor-made to your buying requirements.

What factors should be considered before you decide to quote?

Before providing your quotation, you should carefully review and understand the complete details of the buyer’s product/service requirement especially the technical specifications, quantities requested, location of delivery, required time frame of delivery, packaging, insurance etc. to the maximum extent possible. Also, consider your ability to provide a competitive quotation to the buyer which will not only be feasible for the buyer but also help you make a profit.
If you foresee challenges in any of the aforesaid areas, but decide to provide a quotation nevertheless, make sure you clearly indicate the relevant conditions and disclaimers in your quotation to the buyer.

What factors should be kept in mind to provide a great quotation?

A well-structured, accurate and timely quotation from your side will not only help you attract the attention of your potential customer and thereby winning the deal but will also reduce the likelihood of any future legal and financial risks to your business.
For details of our recommended quotation guidelines, please click here.

What if my buying requirement does not receive any response?

If no quotation is forthcoming for your buying requirement, we will inform you by email/phone at the earliest. Also, we will try and help you to modify your requirements, wherever possible, in order to improve your chance of receiving a manufacturer response.

What if I am not interested to receive quotations from certain manufacturers?

In case of buyer’s unwillingness to work with certain manufacturers, the buyer must share this information with us through a separate email, at the time of posting their buying requirement, along with the full list of names of all such manufacturers. Please note that we may contact you to seek further clarifications, if required.

What if I wish to receive more than five lowest price quotations?

Additional quotations, if available with us, can be shared with you at our sole discretion, upon payment of a nominal charge. Please contact us for further details.

What if I wish to select multiple quotations and receive contact details of their respective manufacturers?

As mentioned, contact details of ONE manufacturer (of your choice) will be shared with you free of charge. Contact details of any additional manufacturer, which may be required by you, will be chargeable (as quotation charges) on a per-manufacturer basis. Please contact us for further details.

What if the clarification/modification sought by me in the submitted quotation is not acceptable to the manufacturer?

If the clarification/modification sought by the Buyer in regard to a specific quotation is not acceptable to the manufacturer, that manufacturer’s quotation will be replaced by us with another quotation from the next best (higher) price manufacturer, if available, at no cost to the buyer and after an email confirmation from the buyer.

What if I would like to provide additional detail/s with regard to my buying requirement after initially posting the requirement on the website?

Any additional detail/s shared by the Buyer regarding its buying requirement will be shared by us, at our sole discretion, with all the interested manufacturers.

What about the confidentiality of my quotation information submitted in response to the buyer requirements?

Each of your quotation will be treated with 100% confidentiality and we will share it only with the intended recipient/s at the buyer’s end. Please rest assured that your quotation details will never be publicly disclosed from our side.

What if there are multiple quotations at the same price?

If there are multiple quotations from different manufacturers at the same price level, and they all fall within the category of five (05) lowest price quotations for the buyer’s particular buying requirement, we will share all of such multiple quotations with the buyer, free of charge.

My query is not listed here. What should I do?

If you have a question not answered here, please feel free to email us.




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