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Business buyers from India who wish to receive multiple competitive quotations for their business related buying requirements from our network of manufacturers should complete a one-time, free registration with us, by filling the website form here. It’s easy and fast.
Each and every registration is individually verified to preserve the high quality of business participation and mutual confidence of participants.

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As a registered buyer, you can post your buying requirement on the website, free of charge, along with necessary details in order to receive multiple competitive custom quotations from our network of manufacturers. Your buying requirement is thoroughly reviewed at our end for missing details, if any, and clarifications sought as required.
This helps to ensure that adequate details can be shared with our manufacturers to assist them in providing their best competitive quotations within the shortest possible time.
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Buying requirements shared with the relevant manufacturers.

We share your buying requirements with the appropriate manufacturers within our network in accordance with your specific needs, after removing any buyer-identifiable details. This is done in order to maintain your privacy and help you receive the best possible quotations without any bias, whatsoever.
All queries received from the manufacturers regarding your buying requirement are promptly forwarded to you at your registered (official) email address for necessary clarifications.

Interested manufacturers provide their firm quotations to us.

Within a matter of few days, we receive firm and customized quotations from the manufacturers which are tailor-made to your specific buying requirement. Quotations are checked by us for clarity, completeness and compliance with our in-house quality parameters in order to ensure their easy comparison and quick analysis at your end.

Buyer receives up to FIVE (05) lowest price quotations.

Up to five (05) lowest price quotations are shared with you, free of charge, at your registered (official) email address, without the manufacturer-identifiable details. Any clarification/modification sought by you in the submitted quotations is promptly forwarded to the respective manufacturers for necessary action on their part.

Buyer selects a quotation as per their requirement.

After you have selected a particular quotation, you should send us an email from your registered (official) email address formally accepting that specific quotation. Once we receive this confirmation email from you, we ask the particular Manufacturer to acknowledge the acceptance of their quotation by you and complete the necessary formalities from their end.

Manufacturer contact details shared with the Buyer.

You receive the Manufacturer contact details pertaining to the quotation selected by you, at your registered (official) email address, after the Manufacturer has completed the necessary formalities from their end. Simultaneously, your contact details are also provided to the particular Manufacturer.

That's it. We let you and the Manufacturer take it forward from there.

After the successful completion of delivery, mutual feedback is solicited from both the parties in order to assist and feed back into our ongoing business participant review and rating mechanism.




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