Interested manufacturer completes one-time free registration.

India based manufacturer who wishes to provide their firm quotations towards the buying requirements of other businesses in India, as posted on our online B2B platform, should complete a one-time, free registration with us, by filling the website form here. It’s easy and fast.
Each and every registration is individually verified to preserve the high quality of business participation and mutual confidence of participants.

Registered manufacturer receives details of suitable buying requirement.

Whenever a suitable buying requirement is posted on our online B2B platform by any of our registered buyers, which match your business product/service offerings, we share its details with you for your perusal, at your registered (official) email address, after removing any buyer-identifiable details.

Manufacturer conveys their decision on the buying requirement.

You may review the buying requirement to decide whether you would like to submit a firm quotation for that particular buying requirement. It is incumbent on your part to inform us about your decision, whether interested to quote or not, through an email from your registered (official) email address, within 48 hours of your receipt of our email.
All queries from your side regarding the buying requirement are promptly forwarded to the Buyer at their registered (official) email address for necessary clarifications.

If interested, manufacturer provides their firm quotation to us.

You should provide your firm and customized quotation from your registered (official) email address, which should be tailor-made to the Buyer’s specific buying requirement, within THREE (03) working days after receiving the full details of that particular buying requirement from our side. Additional time to quote, if required by you, may be allowed at our sole discretion and only under the express permission of the Buyer. Please note that any such additional time will also be made available to all the other interested manufacturers.

Manufacturer quotation shared with the Buyer if it meets the eligibility criteria.

If your quotation falls within the category of five (05) lowest price quotations, it is shared with the Buyer, without any manufacturer-identifiable details. Any clarification/modification sought by the Buyer in your submitted quotation is promptly forwarded to you at your registered (official) email address for necessary and prompt action on your part.

Manufacturer pays the lead generation fee if their quotation is selected.

If your quotation is formally selected by the Buyer, you are informed at your registered (official) email address and asked to pay the lead generation fee to us. After we receive this fee amount from you, the Buyer contact details are shared with you at your registered (official) email address.
That's it. We let you and the Buyer take it forward from there.
After the successful completion of delivery, mutual feedback is solicited from both the parties in order to assist and feed back into our ongoing business participant review and rating mechanism.




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