Why Register With Us

We understand that the frequent and usually time-consuming quotation-based buying transactions of the SMB (Small and Medium Business) enterprises and their suppliers unwittingly divert their attention from the core business tasks of running day-to-day operations and therefore aim to provide a hassle-free, online-based transaction experience both to the business buyers and their chosen suppliers.

  • We are India’s first online B2B platform catering exclusively to the quotation-driven buying requirements of the SMB (Small and Medium Business) enterprises and their suppliers.

  • Our team will act as a single intermediary source of all necessary information, thereby saving the time & effort of both the supplier and the buyer from numerous, time-consuming back and forth phone-calls/emails dealing with the basic level details.  

  • Our B2B platform is completely neutral without any bias towards either the buyer or the supplier and aims to seamlessly facilitate quotation-driven buying transactions between the business buyers and their chosen suppliers.


Benefits for Buyers

  • Registered buyers can effortlessly obtain free & fast quotes from a broad selection of vetted and curated suppliers as per their own preferences.

  • Each buyer receive only tailor-made quotations from the suppliers which closely match their specific business requirement.

  • All quotations are thoroughly scrutinized for our in-house clarity & quality parameters before being shared with our esteemed buyers.
  • Each quotation provided to the buyers is presented in the prescribed standard format which provides for accuracy, easy comparison and analysis.

  • No payment /fee is required from the registered buyers for receiving the supplier contact details pertaining to the quotation selected by them.
  • Utilize our B2B platform as your additional 24/7 procurement channel and get free and faster access to custom quotations with only a few clicks.

  • At all times, privacy of the Buyer is fully assured with no unnecessary calls/emails, saving them their valuable time and effort.


  • Registered suppliers receive free, unlimited email notifications whenever a new buying requirement pertaining to their business categories of interest is submitted on the platform.

  • No need to spend time & effort on converting cold business enquiries to sales opportunities as we verify all buying requirements for genuineness and share only those business opportunities which are relevant to your business and where the customers are "ready-to-buy".

  • Our team will coordinate with the buyer’s organization, on behalf of the supplier, to promptly obtain any information/assistance required for submitting the quotation, saving them their valuable time and effort.
  • All general information/clarifications/updates shared by the buyer towards a particular buying requirement will be simultaneously shared with each of the interested suppliers to ensure a level-playing field.

  • No payment /fee will be required from the registered suppliers for receiving qualified buying leads and submitting a quotation. Pay a nominal fee only when your quotation is accepted by the buyer.
  • Utilize our B2B platform as your additional 24/7 sales channel and get free and faster access to new "ready-to-buy" customer enquiries and genuine, relevant buying requirements without putting in any marketing/sales effort from your side.

  • Use our SEO/SEM search engine strength to your advantage and effectively accelerate your business growth by leveraging our B2B platform’s wide online reach and digital presence within your potential customer base.


Benefits for Suppliers

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